When or What is “Back In The Day” ?

Coming in contact with people in the shop every day,  I notice that everyone uses the expression, “back in the day”.  At first I thought that is was a sixties thing.  When I talked to people my age about all the great music and concerts in the sixties, it was always referred to “back in the day.”

But in the last few years I started to notice that nearly everyone uses it.   Some people talk about “back in the day” when Milli Vanilli did their own material. Some people in their 40s talk about “back in the day” when Madonna really was a virgin. I heard a 10 year old talk about “back in the day” when people used to go to stores to shop instead of the Internet.

What actually does back in the day mean? Is it an official measurement of time? What “day” is being referred to? Does it have anything to do with Stonehenge?

Here’s what some folks on the Internet have to say…

Someone said that “back in the day” starts with yesterday.

One said it was the name of a movie starring Michael J. Fox.

One person thought “back in the day” was when there were dinosaurs.

My favorite, one blogger said, “I know for a fact that “THE DAY” refers to a Wednesday.”

When or what is “back in the day” for you?

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