Mt. Airy Memories… Woodstock Comes to Cheltenham Avenue

There was a time when Mt. Airy was loaded with landmarks…Korvettes, Lenny’s Hot Dogs, The Erlen, Theater, Arties Discount Clothing – okay, so East Mt. Airy wasn’t exactly the nexus of the universe in the 60’s. But for one day, Mt. Airy became the center of the rock world.

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Original flyer and ticket stub courtesy of Sam Clover

That was the day the rock gods descended on Cheltenham Avenue. The date was May 16, 1970. The venue was Temple Stadium. The opening acts were Cactus, Steve Miller and The Grateful Dead. The headliner was Jimi Hendrix. Tickets were only $6.50 and you sat as close as you wanted.  Of special note, it was the first and only time Hendrix and the Dead performed on the same stage on the same day!  It didn’t make the national news, they didn’t make a movie of it, and there certainly wasn’t a 3-LP set with a gatefold cover. But if you lived in Mt. Airy – this was as good as it got.

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